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Processional: Determined by the couple.


Call to Worship:


Honored family and friends, with great affection for Scott and Erica we have gathered together to witness and bless their union in marriage. To this sacred moment they bring the fullness of their hearts as a treasure and a gift from God to share with one another. They bring the dreams which bind them together in an eternal commitment. They bring their gifts and talents, their unique personalities and spirits, which God will unite together into one being as they build their life together. We rejoice with them in thankfulness to the Lord for creating this union of hearts, built on friendship, respect and love.


Opening Prayer:


O God, love has been Your richest and greatest gift to the world. Love between a man and woman which matures into marriage is one of Your most beautiful types of love. Today we celebrate that love. May your blessing be on this wedding service. Protect, guide, and bless Scott and Erica in their marriage. Surround them and us with Your love now and always. Amen.


Charge to the Bride and Groom:


Let me charge both of you to remember, that your future happiness is to be found in mutual consideration, patience, kindness, confidence, and affection. Scott and Erica, it is your duty to love each other as you love yourself, to provide tender leadership, respect, and support for one another, in order that you may create a healthy, happy home. It is also the duty of each of you to find the greatest joy in the company of the other; to remember that in both interest and affection, you are to be one and undivided. 


Scott and Erica, remember this always; you stand side-by-side in this relationship, not one over the other. There is no place in the Word of God that gives one person the right to dominate another. Erica is your helpmate Scott, as you are hers.  Both of you have made the serious and important decision to marry each other today. In so doing, you are entering into a sacred covenant as life partners in God. The quality of your marriage will reflect what you put into nurturing this relationship. You have the opportunity to go forward from this day to create a faithful, kind, and tender relationship. We bless you this day. It is up to both of you to keep the blessings flowing each and every day of your lives together. We wish for you wisdom, compassion, and constancy, to create a peaceful sanctuary in which you can both grow in love. One of the best examples of the type of love that will be required in your marital relationship, and in fact, in all healthy human relationships is found in 1st Corinthians 13, where we read that:


“4Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 8Love never fails.


Individual Wedding Vows:


Scott, repeat after me:
I, Scott, take you, Erica, to be my wife. I promise above all else, to live in truth with you, and to communicate fully and without fear. I give you my hand and my heart, as a sanctuary of warmth and peace, and pledge my love, devotion, faith, and honor, as I join my life to yours.

Erica, repeat after me.
I, Erica, take you, Scott, to be my husband. I promise above all else, to live in truth with you, and to communicate fully and without fear. I give you my hand and my heart, as a sanctuary of warmth and peace, and pledge my love, devotion, faith, and honor, as I join my life to yours.


Joint marriage vows:


You have pledged your commitment to each other separately, as individuals. Now, you’ll pledge your commitment to each other as one, by answering this question as one:


Scott & Erica,


Do you both mutually agree to be each other's companion, husband and wife, observing the legal rights belonging to this condition; that is, keeping yourselves wholly for each other and from all others as long as you both shall live?


Both answer: We do.



Exchanging of the Rings:


Minister: May I have the rings?


A ring is a very precious thing – a token of your faith and love.  It is a never-ending circle that symbolizes the continuing love of God – a love that never fails, never presents itself haughtily nor is it puffed up.  Your love and faith in God will continue to cause His power to move in your lives.


Scott, as a token of the endless and pure love which you have for Erica, you may place her ring on the third finger of her left hand.

Erica, as a token of the endless and pure love which you have for Scott, you may place his ring on the third finger of his left hand. 


You have stated in your vows that you submit to one another in the rights and responsibilities of this marriage. You can expect God and His power to always make the difference in your lives together.  Wear the rings you have given each other today as a continual reminder of your commitment to each other, and of your faith in God to sustain your marriage, come what may.


  Prayer of the faithful

The Response to our petitions is Lord, hear our prayer

  1. For the Holy Father and the entire Church…. We pray to the Lord…

Response: Lord, hear our prayer

  1. For all public authorities that their decisions be guided by the holy Spirit… We pray to the Lord…

Response: Lord, hear our prayer

  1. For those family and friends who are burdened by any kind of difficulty…We pray to the Lord…

Response: Lord, hear our prayer

  1. For Erica and Scott as they begin their life together as husband and wife…We pray to the Lord…

Response: Lord, hear our prayer

  1. For those who have gone before us marked with the sign of peace…may God grant them eternal rest…We pray to the Lord….Response: Lord, hear our prayer

  2. Nuptial Blessing

Let us pray to the Lord for Erica and Scott
who come to God’s altar at the beginning of their married life, so that they may always be united in love for each other.

 All pray silently…

Then the presider extends his hands and continues:

Holy Father, you created mankind in your own image, and made man and woman to be joined as husband and wife in union of body and heart
and so fulfill their mission in this world.

 Father, to reveal the plan of your love,
you made the union of husband and wife
an image of the covenant between you and your people.

In the fulfillment of this sacrament, the marriage of Christian man and woman is a sign of the marriage between Christ and the Church.
Father, stretch out your hand, and bless Erica and Scott.

Lord, grant that as they begin to live this sacrament, they may share with each other the gifts of your love and become one in heart and mind as witnesses to your presence in their marriage.

Help them to create a home together, and give them children to be formed by the gospel
and to have a place in your family.

 Give your blessings to Erica, your daughter, so that she may be a good wife and mother, caring for the home, faithful in love for her husband, generous and kind.

Give your blessings to Scott, your son, so that he may be a faithful husband and a good father.

Father, grant that as they come together to your table on earth, so they may one day have the joy of sharing your feast in heaven.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.




Since you have mutually pledged yourselves to each other in the holy bonds of marriage, as a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and by the authority vested in me by the state of Florida, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.


Honored family and friends, may I present to you:


Mr. and Mrs. Scott & Erica Smith.


Recessional: Determined by the couple.


It was my privilege to officiate your wedding today. If you should ever need to talk about relationship issues or anything else, please feel free to contact me.


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