What is Online Pastoral Counseling?


Online Pastoral Counseling is Pastoral Counseling conducted over the internet, either: synchronously (as in real time "Chat" or Instant Message {IM} format; or asynchronously (where messages are sent/received not in real time, i.e., email communication).


What type of Online Pastoral Counseling do you provide?


We offer 3 ways to participate in  Pastoral Counseling:


 Online Pastoral Counseling via Basic Email: An easy, safe, and economical way to consult a Pastoral counselor anytime it's convenient for you. Fill out and submit the Client Intake & Informed Consent forms and your Basic Email describing your specific issue in about 200 words or less. We accept your Donation (see "Donate" button below) of $30 and email a reply back to you in 24-48 hours.


Online Pastoral Counseling via Extended Email: If you have multiple questions linked to a given issue or situation; or if you just need to provide more detail or explanation about your situation, fill out and submit the Client Intake & Informed Consent forms and your Extended Email letter of approximately 1000 words. We accept your Donation (see "Donate" button below) of $60, and the Pastoral counselor will carefully review your letter, and then send you a thoughtful, comprehensive response. Please allow up to 72 hours for a reply to your email letter.


 Online Pastoral Counseling via "Chat" / Instant Message ("IM"):

To schedule an online "Chat" session with the Pastoral counselor, simply fill out and send your Client Intake & Informed Consent  forms and your initial counseling Donation (see "Donate" button below---$30 for a 30 minute Chat; $50 for a 50 minute Chat), and when we have received these items, we will contact you by email or phone to schedule your initial private and secure Pastoral counseling Chat session. During your initial Pastoral counseling Chat session, we will discuss your goals for counseling and agree on the number of Pastoral counseling Chat sessions that are necessary to properly address your specific situation.     


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