What is Pastoral Counseling?


The type of counseling I employ is called, “Pastoral Counseling.” Pastoral Counseling utilized in my practice is defined as: “Short-term counseling carried out by Clergy who have training in both pastoral care and counseling, typically to assist individuals having difficulty with spiritual/religious concerns, normal life transitions, emotional or relational crises, guilt, abuse, addictions, low self-esteem, grief and bereavement, premarital/marital matters, and other pastoral care issues.” As a Pastoral Counselor, I use religious and spiritual resources and psychological understanding to help people achieve relief of symptoms, resolution of problems, restoration of relationships, and improved personal spiritual/mental health and well-being.


What methods are used in Pastoral Counseling?


The counseling methods I use in Pastoral Counseling vary depending on individual circumstances, but primarily include the use of restorative principles and techniques from the domains of religion and spirituality (such as prayer, fasting, forgiveness, reconciliation, scripture, and the use of parable and story illustrations, to name a few examples).  I also use guided “insight-oriented” pastoral questioning to help people to discover or recognize the impact of their choices on their situation, and how their choices ultimately affect their outcomes. In addition, I may use various questionnaires or inventories to help me to assess your unique situation. I may also refer clients to helpful audio-visual educational resources.


 How do I participate in Pastoral Counseling?
 Individual, couple or family sessions, online or in person may be scheduled. During the initial counseling session, we define the counseling goal(s), and determine a specific number of sessions to address these goals. Normally, the maximum available number of counseling sessions with me is limited to six (6) sessions. Exceptions to this policy may be granted for unusual circumstances, on a case-by-case basis. During the last counseling session, client progress and referral options are discussed, and counseling with me is terminated.  Any questions you have about the procedure or process are always valid. In addition, you always have the right to decline participation in, or the use of, certain therapeutic techniques. I do counsel minors with parental consent. I do also keep informed of developments in the field.
I require persons interested in participating in Pastoral Counseling to read, fill out, and consent to the provisions stated in two forms: the Client Intake Form and the Pastoral Counseling Informed Consent Form. Both of these registration forms are available online.
To access these registration forms:

1. Click on the appropriate form link above

2. Open the form you want to fill out first

3. Fill out the form following the directions provided

4. Save the form to your computer

5. Send the form to us by email or  print it out and send it to us by regular mail

6. Submit donation payment online (follow "Submit donation payment online" directions below) OR

7. Submit donation payment by mail (follow "Submit donation payment by mail" directions below)

Submit donation payment online:

Click on the "Donate" button at the bottom of this page and fill out and submit the form.

Submit donation payment by mail:

Mail your check or money order (No Cash please!) to:

The Center for Family Enrichment, Inc.
13921 Fareham Road

Odessa,  FL  33556 - 1754


Be sure to identify what your donation is for!   Example: "Enclosed is my $30.00 initial counseling donation"

When we have received your registration forms (Client Intake & Informed Consent) and your initial counseling Donation, we will contact you by email and/or phone to schedule your initial counseling session. During your initial counseling session, we will discuss your goals for counseling and agree on the number of counseling sessions that are necessary to properly address your specific situation.
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